Mission Statement:

It is the mission of the La Feria Area Chamber of Commerce to effectively promote, extend and assist all commerce growth in the City of La Feria.  Such promoting will include all organizations, businesses and individuals herewith associated.

Member Dues:

0-5 employees will pay $150, 6-50 employees will pay $300, 51-100 employees $500, and 100+ will be accessed by corporation size.

Individuals who wish to join the Chamber will pay $100 annually.

All Members in good standing (dues paid) will have voting privileges and receive a Members packet: Copy of  Member Application & Services, Members Directory, T-shirt, Plaque, Window decal, Link to Chamber Website and a Feature in the La Feria News.


The Chamber will have a Members meeting featuring a special speaker once a month, on the Second Monday of the month.

All members will be expected to attend two (2) fundraisers a year, six (6) meetings a year, and at least two (3) special functions a year; Mixers, Hosted Events, Community Events.

Chamber Board:

Three positions will be elected on an Annual basis: President, Vic-President and Treasurer.  These positions are a volunteer position that will be voted on by the current members of the preceding year.

Four additional positions will be Board Members; volunteers from the current years paid Membership.

The Chamber Board shall meet once a month, on the First Monday of the month.

Each Board Member will be in charge of a committee within the Chamber.  These committees are Events, Advertising, and Membership & Business Development.

These four committees will meet on an as needed basis.  To join a committee, please see the Membership Directory for the specific Committee Leaders contact information.

Who we are and what we can do for your business:

The La Feria Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization with a membership of business owners, managers, Churches, other non-profit organizations as well as individual residents.

The Chamber is your source for information on our local community.  The Chamber provides a network with other businesses through E-mails, Websites, Event Calendars and Monthly Meetings.

The Chamber is your SOCIAL NETWORK.  Through Mixers, Community Events and Special Speakers businesses will become more informed about the community they are serving and the surrounding areas.

The Chamber is an asset to all businesses through its advertising or sponsoring of local community events and programs, which in turn assists each of its members in becoming an active participant in the community and gain new business prospects.

Referral Program: Once a business joins the Chamber, they receive a Benefits package which includes a Membership Directory.  As the Membership Directory grows/changes, the current membership receives an updated Directory.  All Members are encouraged to refer their own customers to shop/use other business who are members.  Thus, creating a new customer base for every Chamber Business Member.

Membership Discounts: Some of our Members have made it possible for Chamber Members to receive discounts at their place of business.

Business Spotlight: The La Feria News, as a member of the La Feria Chamber of Commerce,  has agreed to begin a SPOTLIGHT series on the businesses who join the Chamber.  This program will highlight a Chamber Member each week in the La Feria News.

Seminars: Through the Chamber you will be able to attend Business Beneficial Seminars at no charge for you or your employees.

Mixers: These are provided throughout the year as a time for social interaction with other members, as well as a time to Network with other businesses that are in our area.